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 Tucson Home Styles


In many ways, the most popular style in America!  Characterized by a slightly pitched roof and usually constructed of redbrick or slump block.  The façade is usually split by a living room window to one side of the front door and bedroom windows to the other side.  In Arizona, there is usually a covered entry if not a covered front porch.

Santa Fe

Santa Fe style homes have "flat" roofs (they really have a ½ inch pitch for rain runoff) and are designed to appear as a large rectangular shape or as several boxy shapes connected together.  True Santa Fe homes have no rounded exterior edges.  Windows and doorways are square.  Vigas, large round wooden poles, protrude from the exterior walls just below the roofline.  These homes are usually earth toned and have wood lintels above the windows and doorways.


Classic Territorials are also rectangularly shaped with "flat" roofs but have a series of connecting arches across the front of the home.  These can be purely decorative or serve to enclose a patio or porch.  Modern Territorials are not required to have arches, but will have "flat" roofs and are designed in a series of square or rectangular shapes.  They can be of stucco or brick but will never have vigas.  True Territorials have long, narrow windows framed with pediments and their high walls are often capped with adobe or slump block brickwork.


This term is often used to describe a home with traditional Spanish Colonial influences.  This often includes a stuccoed exterior but with an emphasis on curving shapes.  The front doorway and windows are often curved; the roof is tiled with an extension of a tile overhang on all surfaces.  There is usually no front patio; merely an entryway that is not covered.  A courtyard effect may be achieved, but that is uncommon.  These homes were the choice of many architects in the period from 1900-1930.  Ornamental ironwork across the windows and balconies, if two story, are common.


A modern design term, this can be used to describe a 1000 square foot starter home or a 8000 square foot luxury residence.  A Contemporary home will usually have high ceilings, but not necessarily a pitched roof.  Roofing materials will be shingles, built-up material or a combination, but will most likely not be clay tiled.  This creates a more clean, economical line and more of a "plain" front view.  The home can be a combination of all geometric shapes, but will feel light and open and definitely current.


A native Tucsonan once described the bungalow style as the most familiar to newcomers.  Bungalows are by design smaller homes with a pitched roof.  There are two pillars supporting a covered porch; usually with three steps leading up to the entry.  These homes are all covered in stucco for a smooth appearance.  This was a reflection of the popularity of the "California Bungalow" style of the 1920's.  Some of the best floorplans are the original "Sears" blueprint bungalows.


Usually white stuccoed homes with distinctive use of pillars or occasionally arches to create a European flair.  A Mediterranean home must have a tiled roof in a contrasting color to the exterior.  These were very popular in new construction in the early 1990's.

Patio Home

Can be of any architectural design.  Has zero lot line and is probably attached to the wall of the next home, forming the property boundary. This is what differentiates it from a townhome or a condominium that are attached on at least one side.  A patio home's lot size is usually small with limited open space.


Along with the bungalow style, one of the original architectural styles built in Tucson.  We have classic Victorians including homes with turrets, widow's walks and gingerbread trim especially in the historic areas and around Armory Park.


Undergoing a revival of building with a construction project being built in central Tucson.  These homes are generally a large square, but have pitched, often metal roofs and porches or patios on all four sides of the house.  There is also the use of flat "drystone" trim for façade, fireplaces, and pillars.  Windows tend to be squared.

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